Monday, May 30, 2011

Travel writing obstacles.

There are really very few things to come between me and my dream of being a travel writer. Perhaps the biggest obstacle would be pickiness.
I will travel anywhere. Anywhere...well, except places with bears. I have terrible bearaphobia. That cuts out most camping sites. Alaska is out. Most of Canada has been nixed from my list, as well as the mountains of NC, WVA, TN and most states in the Blue Ridge and Smokey Mountain range.

That's okay. I can still work with this. Oh! And nowhere with great whites. I don't mind so much the occasional hammerhead or nurse sharks, but absolutely no man-eaters (or woman eaters!).
So that cancels most of the west coast, anywhere with rocky shores and Africa. Africa would have been out anyway since the next obstacle on the list is anywhere with Ebola, malaria, or bird-eating spiders. Also, California is definitely out. It is doomed to sink to the bottom of the sea. Don't want to be anywhere near there.

Okay, so now that we've cleared that up...oh, wait! I forgot--no muslum, buddist, or hindu countries. I am a Christian and would be likely to ring a bell thinking it meant lunch time when it was actually a call to prayer. I can see myself stepping on the bug of my reincarnated aunt Shefy, or chasing down one of those skinny cows for supper. So, no. No non-Christian countries. Absolutely no snowy countries. I hate cold weather. But not to hot either. I sweat. A lot.

So, what does that leave us? Let's see...
Okay. Hmmmm...

My first travel writing article will be titled: The big world of my own backyard.

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