Friday, July 8, 2011

In that land

There's a land that is fairer than day...
Today, I sure would like to go to that land, just to lose gravity and have my feet just keep stepping higher and higher until I am running into the arms of the one who is my everything.

The land, (some call it make-believe), is never dark. Although I love stars in the winter sky. I love sunrises better.

Over there (some say it doesn't exist) there are never news cast reporting death or robbery. I know I will love a place where I can walk the streets in total safety.

My new home (some say I'm crazy) is perfect. It is germ-free, heartache-free and young. I will never have aching knees or tears falling over there.

My new neighborhood (some say it's a fairy-tale) is filled with people who love me, some I have known, others I have been wanting to meet. I just bet Peter is a lot like me. We will get along fine.

The city is tax-free. (Scoffers say it will collapse.) I don't have to work. Duke Energy doesn't get one more dime from me.

My husband (the Lord Jesus Christ) delighted in taking care of every detail for me. It's paid in full. It's just what I've always  wanted. It's perfect in every way. And most of all...

It is with Him.

Scoff and say it doesn't exist and it's a fairy-tale. Call me crazy. But one day, really soon, call me gone :)


Anonymous said...

This is the best yet!! I am there with you girl!We are riding in that short bus..the first trip out of here!! Totally enjoyed the writing! T

Dee said...

No fairy tale here my dear. It is real and I cant wait, I have a mother and a father waiting for me. Nothing so good here to ever hinder me from going there. No fancy home, no new car, fancy clothes, etc. can compare to that home. I'll do what he ask me to do and say what he wants me to say. No sorrow will be there. Nothing gonna hold me here. You can have it all. Praise you Lord! You are so worthy, Thank You Sharon, you are such a blessing.