Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Possum and pit-cooked pork.

173 pounds of dressed out pig. Smoked to perfection with a crispy black crust and an inch-thick smoke ring. Homemade bbq sauce, sweet and hot, sweet, or mild. Cole slaw, cilantro salad, macaroni salad, dinner rolls, banana pudding and great new friends. Now, that's what I call a 4th of July party.

After leaning waaaay back on the sofa so I could breathe and kicking off my flip-flops, I was treated to a new-to-me bluegrass song, "The 5 pound possum in my headlights tonight." Laughed until I hurt, which wasn't long since I was so stuffed anyway.

The water slide outside was nearly blown away when a pop-up thunderstorm threatened to clear every thing from the yard. Lights flickered, thunder roared and rain soaked the poor hound who was trying to get his bones under his barrel house before they washed away. Priorities, you know. Several of the men braved the bolts to grab the rented blow-up slide. I stayed firmly planted in my warm, sleepy spot on the sofa, listening to music and trying to keep my eyes from drifting shut as the cool breeze ruffled through every open window.

When the lightening at last let up, the air was left much like a child's pool, silky and just right. The rockers on the porch beckoned while younger people rode 4-wheelers and younger still played and splashed and dived. The women talked of a new school they were opening, asking if I knew any teachers. I didn't. We talked of children and families and how this one is related to that one. Do you know her? I didn't. Trying to put all of them together, which one went with which family, was akin to dropping three different puzzles on the living room floor together and then trying to work them. My mind was pudding by the time it was over.

And when we pulled out of the drive I waved goodbye. Goodbye to new friends. Goodbye to old fears of meeting new people. Goodbye to fears of crowds. Goodbye to staying in my comfort zone.

 Goodbye to possum and pit-cooked pork.


Anonymous said...

From the pictures, I gathered you got to spend sometime with part of my family.I am glad you had a great time.They are really sweet people.Sounds like alot of fun..Enjoyed reading as usual..

Dee said...

Oh it sounds like my kind of people. And I do love bbq, any leftovers? I love the crispy outside please, and oh the same fears of meeting new people. Wow... and I like staying in my comfort zone too. Maybe that's why I have no friends. I like choosing my own friends. I just love your stories, I relate to them so well. Maybe I could choose you to be my friend, we have so much in common. Maybe you could introduce me to your new friends. Do ya think?