Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Psychopathic/Schizophrenic grits loving woman.

The first bowl of buttery cheese grits of the year. Yep. Fall is fast approaching. Time for comfort foods and good books. It don't get much more 'comfortable' than cheese grits on a chilly night. I love the little lumps that don't get stirred out completely--like finding little prizes tucked into the mix.

Weird? Well, maybe. I did get a comment on my last post that I could be borderline psychopathic/schizophrenic. Ha! Ya think? You've met my family, right?

I will admit to some weird quirks. Especially food quirks, where I am definitely a texture-eater instead of a taste-eater. Like the lumps in grits. Or burnt toast. Burned black bologna--I can't eat it just 'warmed'. If I have fried bologna, it better be crispy and have lots of mustard. Coffee beans, well, we've discussed that before. It is no secret that I like to eat coffee beans. I can't eat anything with skin or fat on it...*shudder*. I will gag immediately. I love tiny corns in my salad and blue cheese dressing. When I eat 'cardboard pizza' I drowned it in ketchup. I love boiled okra and tomatoes.

Other psychopathic tendencies besides the boiled okra? Hmmm...well, I sleep two hours when I go to bed, and then my eyes pop open all by themselves and I have to get up, wait about an hour, and then I can fall back to sleep. I can't sleep when the moon is full. I can't stand being sticky and a sucker in my hair is the equivalent of falling into mommy hell.

I like to go barefooted and as soon as I enter my pew at church, I kick my shoes off (like Moses did). The freer my feet, the happier I am. I dream in sand and ocean colors. I like to bargain hunt online and I have been known to challenge cashiers over a quarter coupon.

I try to be peaceful. Really. I will avoid conversations that I know lead to controversy, but if you back me in a corner, I will tell you exactly what I think. I like to be out on my porch at night or in the wee hours of the morning, when all the world is quiet. I love hearing the first bird of the morning sing to the Lord. I get nostalgic hearing a rooster crow at sunrise. I have the heart of an artsy-craftsy person, but the outcome is I pictured it.

With certain people, I don't care what my house looks like, I welcome them on in. But let me find out my Aunt Dee is on the way and I go into a cleaning frenzy. I prefer a worn out Marine's tee-shirt over any other shirt in my closet.  I prefer my own solitude to lots of company. I prefer my cat over ANY of my dogs. I like to think my petunia and my algae eater love and appreciate me. I befriended a writing spider at the first of spring (although she didn't return the sentiments).

So, quirks? Sure I have them. Everyone does. Even those who won't admit them. Psychopathic/schizophrenic? Only if I don't have coffee, a little solitude, and a comfy shirt.

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Lyn said...

Another one outta the ballpark. No Psychopatic here my dear. Highly intelligent, great sense of humor, an old soul, out there lady. A wonderful ponderer with a great choice of her words. One mistake I found is that her Aunt Dee is mis judged on the particular level of house keeping. Back in the day when she was younger she tried to keep it clean is all. Never to judge a person that lives in their home. For your home is your castle. Now she needs a maid. (I hear). Love the read. Keep on keeping on!