Sunday, November 13, 2011


It's like eating sushi for the first time. You go into it open-minded. Your daughter loves it. Your mother loves it. Surely, it can't be that bad. So, with chopsticks full of seaweed-wrapped goodness, you pop it in your mouth...only to gag so badly that tears stream down your face and the lady at the next table turns green watching as you spit it into your napkin.


It's inevitable, but I still kick and fight against it most of the time. Daylight savings time is a perfect example. I'm happily rolling along, enjoying long summer afternoons, taking walks at 9 o'clock, liking the good life. Will life be satisfied with that? Well, no! First thing I know, someone has set the clocks back and it's getting dark at 5 o'clock and by 6 I'm ready to go to bed, only to be awake at 3 in the morning. Combine that with a dreary, overcast day like today and it's a mixture for a great depression cocktail.

There are some changes I like, though. I like it when the scales change to the lesser side. I like it when the Word advances further than what we previously were able to see. I like seeing my husband get a little gut after years of being fit.

Time change is definitely on my list of don't likes. I don't like shoes that pinch my toes. I don't like weak coffee or coffee with no creamer. I don't like false people. I don't like cold dreary days and long, boring evenings stuck in the house.

Maybe I can embrace the change, though. Maybe I can gather up some kindling and newspaper and make a fire in my fire pit this evening and watch the sparks fly upward in a winter sky. Maybe I can look at the clouds overhead and hope for snow, which I love to watch as it coats the dead grass and hides the evidence of a summer past. Maybe I could throw my scarf around my neck and take a dark walk, looking at stars that are so much brighter on cold nights. Perhaps I can take the long winter evenings to read more of the Word. That definitely drives the depression away.

And maybe, just maybe, I will make it through all of this until a change for the better comes along about springtime.


Anonymous said...

I'm lost in the words. I dont like change ...were all creatures of habit and just about the we get use to it, there it is change. I just went to the fire pit and watching the snow fall. My favorite, blanket, marshmellows, and gotta have a roasted weiner! Thanks I was so bored here in the darkness of fall thanks for the light in more ways than one.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Thanks to whoever left the comment. I think it was one of the nicest ones I've ever recieved :)

Anonymous said...

I can so relate to"Change"Enjoyed reading as usual...