Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Spicy 1986

Are you kidding me?
I showed Amber the date stamp on the bottom of the metal spice can: 02 Jan 86.
The Oregano in the back of my cabinet was 25 years old. 25!
"Mom, have you carried that thing through all the moves?"
No, Amber. I would've barely been 18 when I started toting that thing around. This spice had come to me from Granny's kitchen when she passed; along with her flour sifter. Pretty sure it was expired when I received it.

Wow. 1986.
That year I remember walking down a dusty driveway, 19-month-old Shane toddling beside me. Coty flipped and kicked in my belly. I remember it was summer, it was African hot, and sweat dripped off of me.
In 1986 I remember falling asleep on the sofa while a pot of oodles of noodles boiled on the stove. I woke to smoke filling our trailer. The pot had burned completely through and was literally sitting on the eye without a bottom. It's a wonder I did not die. I'm sure that in 1986 I wasn't using any spices, except maybe salt and pepper.

1986. I have a picture of Shane sitting on the sofa beside a teddy bear that is bigger than he is. In 1986 ALF was my favorite TV show.

I looked at the can again. Just like the memories, it had served its purpose but long since outlived its usefulness. With a last smile, I tossed 1986 in the trash and moved on, continuing to clean out, clear out and make room for other things in my cabinets...and in my life :)

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