Saturday, July 18, 2009

Drowning in details.

Boxes of bows are stacked three high in the corner. Bridesmaid gifts, invitations, and flowers flow from every available space. I have now read enough bridal bohaha to be a consultant. Well, at least that's what I'm hoping.

I have learned how to properly word an invitation, how to make royal icing flowers, and how many 50% off coupons I can use at all the craft stores. So far, my only major faux paux was licking the RSVP cards shut.
I managed to cover that by calling them 'mystery envelopes' and telling the people who recieved them, "Oh- you won a prize!" (Gotta get creative sometimes.)

No matter how sharp I try to stay, the truth is this: A wedding will always be more extravagent than you expected or can afford. There will be things you miss or just can't fit in. People who don't even like you will be totally offended that they weren't invited. How did they even find out about it? The event will morph from a small informal gathering to an event rivaling that of Princess Di.

For now though, I am floating...gliding along with mailings and calls. Every once in a while I will backstroke through a trial cake or buy up another 30 yards of tulle (still haven't figured out what this is for). There is no use to fight it, so why try. The very best wedding swimmer will ultimately drown in the details.

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