Saturday, July 18, 2009

Wedding the Wilton

Currently, my kitchen is a sugar coated affair. Icing bags with every color are strewn about and my mixer goes full time. Wilton has become my best friend, guiding me through royal icing, tips, pans and all the frills.

One time, long ago, before my daughter decided to get married, I thought wedding cakes were a money pit. They were 95% profit for the maker. I mean, how hard can it possibly be to make a cake? 500 dollars! You must have lost your mind!

That was, until I became the baker. The recipe today called for 500 tiny flowers. This is just the tiny ones! There are many, many more. They have to be made, dried, then placed with the ultimate care on the cake. And there are borders, piped shells, doves and wedding bells. Mind boggling!

500 dollars? What a bargain. Grab it honey!

For now, I plod along, practicing making leaves, piping straight lines and mixing colors. It is a tedious, joyous, learning experience. I want her cake to be the cake of all cakes- the talk of the town. I want it to be perfect. Just as she is. Truly, these flowers are a labor of love.

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