Saturday, September 5, 2009

In the interim between an engagement and the wedding itself, things have been, well, fast-paced. To say the least!
Sticking to diet and exercise, I have lost about 10 pounds and found myself, (gasp!), looking forward to getting up in the mornings and going for my walk/jog/gimp around the track.
It's a good thing, too. I need all the extra energy I can scrounge up. Bridal showers, scouring Ebay for wedding tulle, decorations, baking, baking and more baking-
Okay- take a deep breath here.
But, we are in the countdown now. Last minute details. Flowers to order. Did everyone get their invitation? Are the dresses altered? Everyone got their passports yet? And the food, how's it coming along?

I feel like I'm the salmon that swims up waterfalls to go back to one certain spot where it was born just so it can spawn. You remember it's outcome, right? After all that work, it drops over dead!

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