Tuesday, September 8, 2009

How it should be.

I remember clearly, just like I am standing off in a corner, watching it all over again.

They talk, whispering of course. It would be impolite to say loudly that the girl they are grinding got knocked up at age 15. The girl was me.

My best friend informed me that every time she messed something up, he would warn her: "You don't want to end up like Sherry." So now, I was the whispered bad girl warning. Huh. Funny how my boyfriend never went through any of that. He just walked away, congratulated by his friends for his manly conquest.

Now, though, it seems the tables have finally turned.

I know a 16-year-old who is getting married. She is NOT pregnant. They do not have an apartment somewhere where they co-habitate. They boy is NOT being forced by the parents to marry her. Get this- They are in love!

Have you ever heard the such? Ridiculous!

What will happen next for that couple? You know, I heard she actually wants to have children and be a stay-at-home...what's that word? Oh, yeah- MOTHER! Can you believe this? Of all the insanity.

What about an education that will undoubtably show her that all the stuff she believes about God is questionable?

What about her career? You know, she deserves to work 9-5, dropping her children off with strangers so she can stress with other workers, brush off sexually harrassing men and their leering jibes, and try to have enough strength left to clean and cook. But wait! Maybe the husband should stay home and tend to the kids, letting his wife face the wolves that will one day say the right thing at the right moment, thereby ending a marriage. Perhaps even two marriages.

Crazy. These two lovebirds should just shack up. That way, when the romance dies, the children can live with the mother who will draw welfare. The dad can walk away without a legal obligation or scratch, on to find another shacker and everyone will live happily ever after. Ever after ...searching, wondering what would have happened had they waited; had they gotten married before becoming intimate; had they waited to live together until marriage; had they gotten married because they wanted to instead of had to. What would have happened to those children if they had been born in wedlock to loving parents? If they knew who their real daddy was because he was still living and loving their real momma.

Cheers to this young lady and her man who are trying valiantly to stand against a world gone totally insane. Trying to do things the right way. The way they were once done before logic became the insanity that everyone now adheres to as the 'norm'.

I wish them happiness, love, a long marriage, healthy, happy, grounded children. I wish them all the Bible talks about for those who love the Lord and follow His Word on how things should be done.

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