Sunday, September 13, 2009

From my failures, their success.

Who wouldn't want to show it off? A sweet new stang, bought with hard work and determination. I would.

But, it's not mine. Well, it kinda is, really. I share in his success. It's my son's car. My other son also owns a sweet Mustang and I attribute their good taste to my gene pool.

It wasn't always this way. They grew up poor. But they grew up knowing that hard work would get them places. Both boys work so hard, often holding two jobs. Both are successful. As a mom, I often feel like a failure. I couldn't give them material things. Sometiomes I couldn't even give them a stable life with my marriage upside down and inside out. But, they made it in spite of all of that.

And so, yes, in a way that Mustang is mine too. It represents their success, even though they came from, many times, failure.

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