Saturday, October 24, 2009

The difference is...

I have been married for almost 20 years. Still, every day I find that I am amazed by this man; actually by men in general.

For some reason, I can clearly see differences between women and men. We don't even think alike, much less respond to situations in the same manners. For instance: This week our daughter will marry. I have cried and sniffled, going back to her almost empty room, looking at pictures, holding her in extra long hugs. My husband, however, has sat on the couch, watching TV as they pack out her dressers and haul away her clothes. My goodness- does he not even have a heart?!

But that's not it at all. He is just a man. A real man. He accepts the life circle much easier than women. He does not worry about what we will do or become after she leaves. He thinks about the extra money we can put to a motorcycle. He does not lament that she will not be right down the hall, saying, "She's just a few miles away honey". He just rolls with it.

There are days I would love to have this man ability to handle situations emotion-free. But then I would never get to experience the intense, almost painful emotions that are so inticately woven into women, especially mothers.

So, for today, I am very happy that God made us both the way He did.

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