Sunday, October 25, 2009


Well, it's finally here- the week of the wedding. Tomorrow, bach party for the girls. The next day is rehearsal and dinner afterwards. Following that, I will be up on a ladder decorating the reception area and, that night, the church. The next day is the humdinger. I will be overseeing all the last minutes, flowers, decorations, food intermixed with family buzzing around, bridesmaids giggling and the occasional glimpse of my beautiful daughter, the bride.

That evening, I will take a deep breath. Zach's mother and I will be the last ones seated. Then, my husband will take a deep breath. The bridesmaids will line up on the porch of the church, pairing up with their guys and the little flower girl will probably twirl around anxiously while she awaits her turn.

When the flower petals are dropped and the girls and guys in their positions, the doors will close. Momentary silence. Everyone holds their breath.

Finally, dum, dum, da-da... the doors open to my handsome husband and the little bride on his arm, the belle of the ball. It is supposed to be the longest walk of her life, down that lovely aisle to the man awaiting her. But, I doubt it. I think she will not even remember the walk. Her eyes will be fixed only on him.

I can't wait for these last four days!

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