Friday, November 6, 2009

What I thought vs What really is.

And now- for the second part of my life...

Well, the wedding is finally behind us. It was all she dreamed of and went off beautifully. The clean up is over. The bedroom is now ready for fresh paint and new curtains, a transformation to 'guest room'.

In fact, my whole life seems to be undertaking a transformation. What I thought it would be and what it actually is are entirely different. I assumed I would cry throughout the whole wedding, sobbing into my Kleenex. But, no. I found myself willing them to get their parts right, just like we'd rehearsed.

I thought that when I cleaned out her room, I'd be a mess, sniffling and tripping down memory lane. But, no. I found out I was already planning how I would arrange the furniture for future guest, maybe visiting ministers, or Canadians since they are now part of our family.

I thought my husband and I would go through an awkward period of adjustment to just each other. But, no. Instead, we are finding fresh love, more time to listen to one another, share each other and our new freedom.

I find myself embracing a future that looks wonderful thanks to the Lord and his blessings. Today, I am starting to edit my new book. Finishing final touches before I send it out. Instead of thinking it may not sell, I find myself thinking, "When I have that booksigning..." or "When it hits Barnes and Noble before Mother's Day...

I find that what I think about something is not even relevant. What will be is usually a gift that God has wrapped tight until the appointed time when I can open it and be happily surprised.

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