Monday, November 23, 2009

Fall is almost finished here in the south. All but the last few hang-on leaves have been blown away with the brisk windy weather. A transformation from beautiful to barren seems to have taken place overnight, with one good storm blowing away most of the beauty.

My life has recently went through transformations and storms. Unlike the leaves though, mine has went from beauty to beauty. My life was full with a daughter, wedding plans, and a full house. Now, it is empty of children, the last one safely married. Now, my husband and I spend time rediscovering each other, eating out, watching movies, enjoying being a couple instead of a full house. The beauty has changed from family life to couple life again. Dating again with the bonus of marriage.

I am fulfilling things that were long since pushed into the corner for later. My book is well on the way to being fully edited. I am learning French. My husband and I are getting ready for international travel.

Though the leaves may have changed colors and blown away, they left behind the solid, sturdy framework of the tree that held them and roots that run deep enough to hold in an ever changing life.

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