Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tea or coffee?

What's happening to me? I have been an overachieving coffee drinker since the Grand Canyon was just a footpath.

Now- now all of a sudden, I want hot tea. Gross. Hot tea and not only that, but I want sugar in it. Not any sugar mind you- I want sugar lumps so I can say, "One lump or two?" Trust me- I'm not believing it either.

I am not British. Yankee accents drive me crazy. I don't like cold weather or Yorkshire pudding. For the life of this ole Southern gal, I can't figure out how I went from strong coffee with lots of cream to "I'll have the Raspberry Zinger. Two lumps please."

I am a disgrace to all things Southern at this point. What kind of sweet-tea-drinking woman am I? Yet, here I sit, saucer on the table, spoon and teabag nicely placed on it, with a cup of steaming Peach tea.

Like everything else in my life, I will blame it on being 'creative'. I'm a writer for goodness sakes! An artist. We are allowed to be quirky.

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