Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Family Thanksgiving

It was the combination of a late night family crisis combined with an early morning phone call that made for a sleepless night and had my heart pounding with each ring. I did manage to glance at the clock, confirming my suspicion that it was to early for anyone to be calling with good news.

Anyone, that is, but Dad.

Dad is a chronic insomniac who wakes the sun up every morning and doesn't mind calling while it's still dark. I don't mind him calling either since it gives us time to catch up. But this morning, I wish it had of been a bit later because I think my heart skipped a few beats.

We had a rough night. Some of the family was having trouble and we were concerned for them. When the phone rang in the pre-dawn hours...well you know what I thought.

Apparently Dad just wanted to invite us to the Christmas shindig at his house. Why he invited us is beyond me. His wife and I can barely tolerate one another and to spend a holiday with her just seems the ultimate hippocracy to me. I have explained this to Dad on numerous occassions but he fails to see why I don't want to be there. I don't even try to explain it anymore.

Just like my husband and his family. We love them, but we don't wish to hang around with them. There is always drama going on, pulling us into it, somehow getting mixed up to make it our fault that such-and-so said such-and-such. So, we figure it is better to love them from a distance.

It is different with my other family. My church family. They know me. They know more about what goes on in my life, what I pray about, what I am concerned about from day to day, than my biological family. And when they don't understand me, they love me anyway. Sure- we get upset with one another sometimes. There are misunderstandings and hurt feelings along the way. But they also share my triumphs, answered prayers and victories.

In this week of Thanksgiving I am happy for my families- all of them. I am thankful to have the drama, the coldness, the crisis and the joy and most of all the love.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

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