Saturday, November 28, 2009

Tis the Season

Okay, it started with brownies with a peppermint/white chocolate icing. Soon, it had morphed into snicker doodles, butter cookies and chocolate cookies. Before I knew it, my kitchen smelled like the season- all cinnamony and sweet. Cocoa powder was spread all over my counters and little tiny colored sugar balls were under my feet (how DO you get those things to stay on the cookies?) .

The dishes were piled in a Jinga stack when I finally finished. The glass dome of the cake plate covered the still-warm treasures. There was also a plate for our neighbor, the truck driver. A carrier held still more, ready for the trip to the daughter in law. She loves chocolate and sweets.

What I enjoyed doing so much, rifling through magazines, searching out good recipes, became a blessing to so many. Just one of the reasons I am glad tis the Season!

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