Monday, November 30, 2009

Why aren't things just face value?

Well, I am finally getting near the end of my back treatments. One day (soon, I hope) the chiropractor will release me and I can get on with my life. However, not all is happy on the home front.

The adjuster is waiting just outside the door- so to speak. He seems to be a very nice and fair man but I am being told monstrous stories of how insurance adjusters eat common unsuspecting people for breakfast. However, aren't lawyers like that too? I hear horrible things about them too.

They say the adjuster is going to offer a ridiculously low settlement to us. Okay. But on the other hand, if we get a lawyer, he is going to accept nothing less than the sky and a firstborn child, right? You know what I'm saying? They both would seem to be cut from the same wrinkled cloth.

Now, add to this the stress of trying to find out what is fair on Google. I have yet to find one listing about back/neck injury settlements that doesn't list a lawyer. It is like Google has opened the door for free advertising to all car accident lawyers.

If the accident itself didn't cause enough stress, the settling up sure will. Previously, I did not have an ulcer. Hopefully, after all the dust is settled, I still won't have an ulcer.

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