Wednesday, December 2, 2009


The dreariness is finally getting to me. I mean, it seems we have had rain for weeks now. Dark, grey clouds, drizzly misty rain, big fat rain, cold rain, blowing rain. Rain, rain, rain.

For awhile, I could occupy myself, even enjoy the patter patter. I read books. I baked cookies. I sat with my feet up or slept long to the ping-pinging on my roof. But now, it is becoming monotonous. I have read all I care to read, approximately 10 novels. I have baked cookies and given away cookies. I can't eat them, so why bake them? I have taken numerous naps. They are starting to interfere with my night sleep.

I still love the rain. Don't go thinking I want it to go away permanently. But, with shorter days, I would like to see some scattered sunshine. I would like to walk in the fallen leaves for awhile, hearing them crunch underfoot. I would like to feel the chill breeze of December without the splatting of water on my face. Just for a while.

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