Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The really great non-post.

I had a thought. A really great post for today. But, I was afraid it would make my family cry.
Being a writer, we are supposed to be able to get past all of that and write from the heart. The post, though was about my grandmother and her life of service to others.
How can I push past feelings that my own mother would cry to write something about my grandmother? We are to lay our feelings out, exposed to everyone for critism and laughter, yet, I can't trod down another's feelings just to be a writer.
My grandmother was given a gift. The gift of being a giver.
I was given a gift. The gift to be a writer.
I will not ever believe that we were intended to take our gifts and cut another to pieces, even unintentionally. When I make people cry with my writing, I want it to be tears of joy. Just as my grandmother, when she gave, she did it with joy.
So, the thought that I had for my post today is hidden in my heart. Maybe someday, I will post it. Not to cause hurt. Only when it can be counted as a tribute.

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