Friday, January 22, 2010

Rudeness in its many forms.

Tell me, where are all the people who love it when others are rude to them? There must be millions since rudeness has taken over our society and people rush forward, either to watch it, or to be the one brandishing it.

For example: Judge Judy. Have you ever met a woman, much less a JUDGE, who was allowed to be blatantly rude to people in a courtroom and get away with it? What is she proving? That she has the power to treat others however she likes, with frank disregard for their feelings. Often, way to often, you will hear her yell, "Shut up". When I was young, you got your mouth mashed for that kind of talk.

Another example was an email I recieved today. It was very rude in nature, with big bold red letters admonishing me for a misplaced ad. The irony of it? It was a no-reply e-mail, thereby ensuring they wouldn't hear my defense of my actions. They could just spit out their nastiness with no regard for the person on the recieving end and never have to face any consequences. How convenient, huh? You would be so surprised to find out it was a nationally known company!

Maybe the day will come when we will get tired of all this childish nonsense and start treating one another with...what was that word? Oh, yeah- RESPECT!

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