Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snowing age and wisdom.

A hot cup of coffee, 8" of snow outside, sleet pecking on the windows...and fervent prayer.

What broke the silence of snow? The peaceful pecking? The coffee warming the tummy? Children who are fearless, that's what. True- they are grown children, but they are still my children. With 8 inches of snow, ice falling and treacherous roads with all kinds of driving warnings- they decide to drive 1 1/2 hours to the mountains to snowboard. And I fall to my knees.

You see, my children are fearless, with a gene inherited from their mother for adventure, even if it's dangerous. Especially if it is dangerous. Many times when they were young we would head out with 6 dollars in my pocket, 1/2 a tank of gas and bologna crackers, heading off to the beach to swim or the mountains to camp. No backup emergency money. No cell phones. No gun for protection. And absolutely no fear.

You see, it wasn't always that way. There was a time when I was afraid of everything, especially living life. But, when the Lord delivered me from fear, He delivered in a BIG way. I became fearless, polar-bear plunging in January, walking late at night to relax, heading to Walmart at 3 in the morning...all the good stuff.

So, when I heard my children were planning to go snowboarding in this terrible driving weather, I fell to my knees. I am not going to talk them out of it. But, I am going to pray that God has mercy on them until they grow older and wiser.

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