Thursday, October 1, 2009

Forty and frosty

Well, this time forty years ago, I became a big sister. I don't remember it though, seeing I was not even a year old. Yep- for 21 days in the first frosty mornings of fall, my brother and I are the same age, which, this year, is 40.

It is hard for me to see him as forty. Always laughing, always climbing and hiking and hanging with his sons, he just doesn't seem to be 40. I remember when we both thought that at 40 you should be mercifully 'put down'. We were 9. Now- I have a different attitude towards the elderly, who by the way, are now 80+.

And, on the good side- if I live to be 100, I'm still a spring chicken!

Happy Birthday my sweet brother. Love you so much.

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