Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Grace during the horrific.

Her hair looked gorgeous. That's what we were talking about when it happened, her bridal pictures. We were on our way to get her bridal pictures done at a friend's house.

In my peripheral vision I spotted the black car, but there wasn't even time to scream. He hit us in the intersection after running his red light. At least, that's what the witness who was behind us said.

I only remember knowing he was going to hit us. Then the hardest impact I have ever felt. And then the flipping. That's what scared me so badly. The knowing we were turning over and being powerless to stop it. And I remember my last thought was : No! She's (my daughter) about to be married!"

It was over so fast. People were rushing to the intersection, probably to see if we were still alive after a crash like that.

"Mommy, are you okay?" She was scared to death. I could hear it in her voice. But, in my ears, those were the sweetest words I had ever heard. They told me my daughter was still alive.

The car will be replaced. Eventually, I will get over the bruises and she will get over the concussion. Both of us will be able to use our necks and backs again. One day, the tears will stop, I hope.

But, what I will never get over is the fear I felt, the rush of thankfulness, the kindness of strangers, the compassion from friends and family. I will never get over the grace God showed, sparing us both from a horrible wreck.

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