Friday, March 12, 2010

Shout out Cavs.

My little world has been rocked. Usually a quiet thinker, I became a screaming at the TV maniac.

What caused the change in a normally sedate housewife who prefers baking cakes over being in a crowded mall? The Duke Blue Devils, that's what.

My family pulls Duke, win or lose. Virginia just about made us losers. Nail biting, yelling at the TV, and keeping my husband updated via text, I watched as, at the half, we went to the lockers tied up 27/27.

What?! We are the #1 seed. Virginia Cavaliers #9 seed. How can this be?

Well, God knows how to humble a person. No matter what rating a team (or a person) has- let them get proud and watch them crumble.

We did win the game, eventually. But not without a run for our money from the Cavaliers. So, this die-hard Duke fan is sending a shout-out to the Cavs. WEll Done! Good game.

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