Thursday, March 18, 2010

Bedtime snacking, weight packing...

Chicken livers, slaw, and 1/2 a pop tart before I went to bed last night. Why do I sabatoge myself like this? No wonder I am awake at 4 in the morning, sick to my stomach.

But, no. It wasn't what I ate. I am fairly sure of that. I was up at this time yesterday too, also with my stomach hurting. Then, yesterday, I had no appetite all day long. But, after church- BAM! The old appetite hits me and I am having a smorgasbord before bedtime.

Diet? Yeah- so disgusted with that. It's like my body dares me to lose any weight. I had lost 7 pounds. Then for no apparent reason, 2 pounds came back. Even though I was exercising. Even though I was watching diligently what I ate. It came back anyway. Well, don't you know, this morning there is another 2 pounds back! Enough to make a person quit dieting and just stay fat.

I won't quit though. I will go outside and play in the yard and plant more flowers and continue to watch what and when I eat and hope for the best.

And maybe- just maybe tonight I won't eat chicken livers before bed again. :(

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