Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Finding old friends, again.

An unexpected, happy surprise. The kind like finding a twenty in last year's winter coat, or maybe the husband bringing home a favored candy bar, that kind of sweet surprise.

Typing in 'free blog sites', Google had popped up Blogger.com.

Sounds fine.

Google asked for my account name and password. I don't think I have an account, but, what the heck? I'll try my standby account name.

Viola'! I do have a Google account. Sweet. Now I don't have to go through all of that hassle. But, it gets better...I also have a blog!

Last year I was blogging daily. Last year, before the car wreck, before the wedding of my only daughter...and before the passing of my Mamaw.

Apparently, somewhere, somehow, I had forgotten my beloved and confidential friend. The friend who held all of my secret musings, only telling if I gave permission to tell. My blog.

So, here I set tonight, a very happy writer reunited with an old and familiar friend. We will probably spend the greater part of the evening sipping coffee and catching up on the happenings since last we spoke.

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