Thursday, January 27, 2011

Enough with the stupidity and schmoozing already

Can anyone explain why gerbils dressed in hoodies and rapping 'do, dah, DIPPITY!' should cause me to want to run out and buy a car? Or why Burger King himself riding a scooter and stealing a McDonald's secret recipe would make me want to buy anything at all from BK?

Advertisers make and spend millions. I don't think they intended to spend millions to get people to run AWAY from their products and services.

Speaking of services...

Public servants are making me nauseaus with their idol worship. I tried to watch the State of the Union Address. While I understand, and agree, with giving respect to the office a person holds, enough is enough.

After clapping for an appropriate amount of time, (please, less than 5 minutes as I have a short attention span) let the President speak without being a Johnny-jump-up. I wanted to hear what President Obama had to say. However, I quickly tired of seeing people clap after what seemed to be every 6th word and stand every time one of their colleagues stood, apparently on cue. It seemed they thought to gain favor by clapping louder and longer than everyone else.

To me it would seem more a show of respect to let President Obama say what he wanted to say and then applause all you wanted. That way, the average Joe (me), doesn't get bored and turn the channel.

Respect me and don't show me stupid commercials that make no sense. In turn, I will respect you by listening to what you have to say (as long as the applause is kept in check).

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