Monday, January 31, 2011

Excuses and want too.

Busy, busy weekend. I had a baby shower to attend and I was the cake-maker.

Long and short: The cake turned out beautifully. Thanks to the Lord. Another cake was booked off of this one. Spongebob this time. People saw my cake. They saw what I can do. They were convinced I was capable of making another one.

How funny is life that sometimes it take me way longer than others to see what I am capable of doing? Cake making, writing, mothering...just seems that I am always shooting myself in the foot, underestimating what I can do. Always and only with God's help, please understand.

If I set my mind to something, usually I can achieve it.

Which is why I am baffled that I can't exercise. I have given myself 1000 pep-talks. Looked in the mirror, which should make anyone want to exercise. Listed a 1000 health reasons. But, does that help?

One glitch in the DVD player and its "Oh, well. Can't workout today. Player won't play it." Or, I get started and the player shuts off after 5 minutes. Again, "Oh well, can't workout today."

The truth is: I don't want to work out. Just like people who don't want to go to work and lay out. Or people who don't want to attend the wedding or funeral and don't show up. Sure- you found an excuse. But, that's all it excuse.

So instead of pep-talking, I am getting off of here and overriding my want to and taking charge.

No excuses.

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