Monday, March 21, 2011

Females everywhere

Sometimes, nature clashes with humanity in a sweet way. Such was the case at our house over the weekend.
After much tiresome work, the perfect cake I had labored over finally won the battle with my frustration level. In an act of cake rage, I tossed the whole thing in the trash, glad to be rid of it.

Apparently, so was the little gray squirrell who has been hanging around our back yard.

I thought squirrells ate only nuts, but apparently this one has a sweet tooth. Coming home from shopping, I found my trash can over turned and the cake board on the ground. Those stupid dogs!
Uprighting the can and picking up trash, I grumbled about the dogs that people can't keep in their yards.
A few minutes later, when I looked out the back door, I spotted the real culprit as she scampered off with a piece of blue sugar fondant in her little claws.

I couldn't help but notice several similarities between this little furry creature and most women: Apparently, she loves sweets. She, like most other females, loves chocolate. (The cake was chocola te.) And lastly, she will risk death from our cat to get into the trash can and find the treat of her dreams.

I can totally understand!

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