Saturday, March 19, 2011


The party contained an unusual mix of people, to be sure. Step-mom and mom, sitting side-by-side, laughing, two brothers who would now both be married to women named Katie. A gorgeous diamond ring on the tiny finger of the bride-to-be. Two sister-in-laws who would be sister-in-laws twice over (is this sounding West Virginian or is it just me?), a young college couple and an accountant named Myrtle, who looked more like a Justin, if you asked me.

The cake was...well, interesting. Spongebob engagement cake...go figure. But that is what the groom likes. Yes, he is an adult. He is an police officer. He likes Spongebob. Are you gonna' question him???

The conversation ranged from the usual, couple talk and college plans, the ring and proposal details, how many bridesmaids (eight) versus how many groomsmen (two) and accounting advice. I found out I should be getting paid by my husband. Sweet! I've said that for years.

There was the moment of finding out that me and the step-mom are eerily alike. She pulled out some lotion from Bath and Body. "Have you ever smelled this one?" I looked at the bottle and stuck out my wrist for her. "I have it on right now!"

The celebration, though centered around a long-awaited engagement and congratulations, was also a celebration of being with family and friends, people who were anchored into our lives by circumstances, blood and memories.

I love celebrations.

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