Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Reality check, please.

Okay, seriously? Rapping rats to sell Kia cars? Forgive me, but I don't see the connection. And the cheerleading hampster back-ups? Ummm...not a great sales promo guys. I wouldn't buy a Kia Soul just because the commercial is so bad.

Irrelevance apparently bothers me. So do condescending people with 'holier than thou' attitudes, as experienced today at the local Walmart. I witnessed first hand a very patient cashier being degraded in front of customers (my daughter and I) because he had put through a coupon as a check. (In his defense, it looked like a check AND the cashier last week had put it through as a check.)

I was appalled at the blatant disrespect the CSR, CSS, CSI...whatever the people slightly above a mere pee-on of a cashier are called. Though the cashier expressed appreciation repeatedly for her stepping from her throne to help, she could only manage a snarl and some eye-rolling. This in front of a long line of people waiting patiently. It would seem that in order to make it to management at Walmart, you have to be able to be extremely rude to others, and even to customers if need be, in order to carry the coveted jingling keys on your side. Oh! Once you achieve key-jangling status, though! Then the fun really begins.

Um, don't mean to be a bubble-buster here but...you work at Walmart! Whether a greeter, cashier or shirt folder, you still work at Walmart, for goodness sakes! Get your haughty nose out of the air and treat those minions better or I am personally going to start shopping somewhere else.

To sum up my rantings: Kia and your rapping rats, Geico and your ridiculous man living under the rock, Walmart and your snooty CSS people, and Sprint with your stupid breaking-up by text, web and personal call...better wise up and see that you are actually driving away the very business you are paying to get. If I were you, I'd try a different approach...maybe a reality check.

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