Sunday, March 13, 2011

Dancing with Duke.

 Before the hustle and clamor of a Sunday morning, birds sing outside, coffee rouses my senses and there is a peaceful, quiet, reflecting time. Sipping my coffee, I listen in on the mating game of a thousand robins and sparrows outside, each looking to find their perfect dance partner for the spring.

Inside, it's dance time too. In a few short hours Duke Blue Devils will once again dance with UNC in the ACC championship. For about two hours, scores will sashay back and forth, dipping and leaping. Hearts will beat furiously and nails will be bitten. Eye will contact with eye and occasional bodily contact will occur.

Like the spring birds, this dance will also hold me spellbound, watching as they go eye for eye and tooth for tooth, fighting for the title, the right to call themself the best bird in the flock. The one who gets to pick the best nesting spot, the choicest seeds, the prettiest mate. And they will be able to preen in front of all the others for one more year with that championship title.

One little UNC sparrow will go home, beaten and tattered, barely living to tell the tale; the tale of the day a DUKE eagle swooped into Greensboro collesium and wrecked havoc on that little flock of sparrows.

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