Thursday, March 10, 2011

Conflicts of the mind and body

How can a mind be so busy and a body so peaceful? A million thoughts dance through my brain, things I need to do, what I will make for supper and a trip to Walmart...yet, here I set, sipping coffee and listening to the remnants of rain tingling on the tin roof of my porch.

Off in the, distance over the cow pasture, crows try to harrass my thoughts with their obnoxious calls. Closer, robins sing to one another and a breeze sweeps over me with a little too much chill.

Do I move to go get a sweater? Do I go refill my coffee cup? Am I ever going to make it to Walmart today?

It seems my brain won't be happy until I get to moving. The brain is definitely the dominant one in this love/hate relationship, often keeping my eyes awake at night with its constant nagging and refusal to shut up.
But there are times, like this dreary morning, when my body just refuses to obey. For a while longer it will sit in the chair, feet propped on the porch rail, listening to wind chimes and birds, wishing for coffee and a sweater, and doing absolutely nothing that the brain commands it to do.

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