Saturday, March 26, 2011

A yardsale will

Pre-dawn. Chilly. Quiet. Not even the birds are awake yet.
I am working up my nerve to walk in the dark to the mailbox, mace in hand.
Today is the day that I have prepared for all week, digging under beds, through closets, in corners and shelfs. Today is yard sale day. And I have to walk to the mailbox, in the dark, and put up my sign.

A headboard, coffee table, a deep-fryer and a pile of books...the usual yard sale junk. Yet, someone out there is looking for these items, ready to part with their mad money for it. I am ready to sell it for some beach money. A win-win situation.

Not many things will drag me out of bed on a Saturday morning to haul all of my pictures, lawn mowers, and shirts that my husband no longer wears outside. But a good yard sale will.

Not many events will cause me to clean my house, searching for treasures to part with. Not many things will cause me to run out 3.50 a gallon gas to go put up signs on the side of the roads pointing to my house. But a yard sale will.

Not many things will cause me to pull out my fanny pack, load it with change, quarters and small bills. A good ole southern yardsale will.

But, to trudge down to the mailbox, in the dark? I don't even know if a yardsale will cause me to do that. Come on sunrise because a yardsale will!

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