Friday, April 29, 2011

Brittish pomp and stuffiness.

The wedding of the century? Well, it was to William and Kate--excuse me, Katherine. She can no longer be called Kate. Can he ever be called Bill again? Just wondering.

Anyway, I'm a sucker for pomp and circumstances and this wedding certainly didn't let me down. Rich ladies in fancy hats, royal military in their fuzzy high-rise hats and those hats with the Rapunzel-looking golden-haired ponytail hanging from the back, were everywhere. Horses and carriages and crowns and the Union Jack flying with an occasional Canadian flag mixed in; it all made for a very festive and crowded atmosphere.

News anchors reported an estimated 2 million people lined the streets, wanting a glimpse of the happy royals.

And happy they were, although I guess royals are not allowed to express joy. Prince William several times gave a little grin while walking down the aisle with his new bride. However, it looked like he wanted to just quit surpressing it and have a big smile plastered on his face. Wouldn't it have shocked the stuffy Brits to see him, their sedate and well-respected prince, let out a Whoop!Whoop! ?

From watching them both, down to the timed and practiced kiss (8:25a.m.), I know I could never be a member of their royal family. Made in the south, I was genetically geared hot blooded and emotional, very expressive and...well, opinionated! Heck- I couldn't have even been in the crowd lining the street. Can you see this ole' country girl while they were on the balcony getting ready for their first royal kiss?

"Plant one on 'er Bill! Come on--my granny gives more passionate kisses!"

Hmmm...perhaps that's why I didn't get an invitation to the royal event. Anyway- congratulations to William and Katherine. And now, in the great words of Jan Karon: "...unbutton your caution a little," and enjoy your honeymoon :)

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