Sunday, May 22, 2011

Reaching the destination.

A long ride with a wonderful destination at the end is bearable. A long ride back from that wonderful destination is depressing, to say the least.

So, Dorothy and Toto woke up this morning and discovered they definitely weren't in Kansas (Florida) this morning. Gone was the morning sun spilling in from the patio windows and doors. The pool was missing. The ocean...AWOL. No shells. No morning coffee with my mother-in-law while we listened to the dove cooing on the phone pole. No waves crashing or salt air. Worst of all, no laughing grown children, picking and playing with each other and keeping us all smiling.

At the end of our long ride, I was greeted by our neurotic wiener dog who jumped in the car and refused to come out. Hunh-uh buddy! If you take off again, I'm going with you. I had to literally drag him out of the car. The other two dogs licked and tail-wagged and stepped in front of our feet while we tried to tote in the luggage. The precious cat who I really missed while away did manage to look up at me while licking her paws. She's not the emotional type.

The house was exactly the way I left it, but it felt different. Flat. Blah. But, somehow, comfortable.
Tomorrow I will try to spice up the place. Maybe pillow-top mattresses and crown molding and beachy colors and--

No. I will leave my dream destination just that, a dream. A place to think of when all Hades explodes around here. A place where I can wander to in my mind. A place to relax and relive precious memories made.
A destination to look forward to at the end of another long ride.

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Dee said...

Sharon, you did it again. You have such a flair with the words and can put them together in such a way. You keep me laughing, please keep up the good work.I always look forward to your adventures and feel I'm along for the ride alot of times. Dee