Saturday, April 16, 2011

We call it 'Life'.

Tiny water bombs bursting by the millions on the tin. The sound, though deafening, masks all other sounds. Wind finds its way underneath the tin, ruffling it from one end of the roof to the other in a thunderous wave. Chimes tingle on the front porch. Greater soothing sounds have never been known, have they?

What about the sounds of an infant cooing, or the wonderous silence during a snowfall, or the soulful cry of the Mourning doves? The voice of a daughter in the seconds after a near-death car accident. A mother's raspy voice as she wakes from sedation after cancer surgery. These sounds invoke stirrings deep within, bringing with them a plethora of reactions- relief, calm, melancholy, security, greatfulness and love in the highest form.

Inside, the glubbing of a perculator. Coffee, hot and creamy, waits in a mug. Thoughts wander to suppertime on this rainy day. Soup? Yes, definitly. Tomatoes, there a bag of mixed veggies in the freezer?...potatoes cut into chunks, onions...Soon the aroma of all these goodies simmering on the stove will permeate the air, mixing with the fresh, cleanness of the rain. Is there anything that smells any better than homemade soup on a dreary day?

Yes. Fresh cut grass. Woodsmoke drifting on a winter breeze. Tangy, sea-salt air. Baby skin, right in the folds of the newborn's neck. A husband's shirt where his antipersperant and cologne mingle with the distinct smell of 'him'.

These are the scents that can never be duplicated. Never be bottled. Never cause the calming, security of a home place, a safe place of refuge.

The sounds and smells, mixed with all the emotions and thoughts they invoke, creating this wonderful sensory fairyland that we

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franks1wife said...

Just checking to make sure it will post comments now. It will.

Jane said...

You have done it again!!! I love it and you know after 49 years there are some smells that can take me back to childhood and the familiar smells of home. Now our home has its own smell and our children/grandchildren will always remember the wondrous scents and sounds that you have so beautifully explained. Thanks for sharing your heart for it is beautiful. Love you!

Dee said...

Oh Sharon, how you choose your words leaving you with feeling you've been there. Your senses recognize the smells and have heard those sweet sounds, that linger long after they're gone leaving you with just the memories. So as my mind goes back with every word,I thank you for another trip back in time of days past.