Monday, April 11, 2011

Women over 40 codes.

They could be called text codes. You know, the letters that stand for sentences. 'Lol': laugh out loud. ROFL: rolling on the floor laughing. But these are better...special.
These are the codes for those women past 40. You know, SOP: Special Old People.

So here is a compilation of codes that we can use to chat with one another...provided we can find our phone...and see the letters.

SAP: sneezing and peeing. CFK: Can't find keys. WRMG?: Where are my glasses? OYH: On your head!
CCA: Credit card attack! DTH: Don't tell husband. GMG: Got my grandchild. SSC: Senior Citizen's Cruise.
SCD: Senior Citizen's Discount. CAP: Coughed and peed.

 _WO: Blank went out. You can fill in with whatever ails you that particular morning. Example: KWO: Knee went out. BWO: Back went out. TWO: Teeth went out...etc.

Now, armed with these codes ladies, go out and HAGD!

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