Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Marriage Cocoon

 If  there is anything more comforting than pulling a warm comforter around you and snuggling into your pillow after a hard day, what is it? Well, of course it's feeling that husband (or wife) sleeping beside you.

Marriage is a cocoon for two people who love each other. The vows are the webbing that are mutually spun around you as you enclose yourself totally with that person. With the world firmly placed on the outside, the transformation begins. Sure, the sounds from the outside world can still be heard. And it gets hot sometimes. Really hot.

But there is also safety in that cocoon. When a problem rises, two are there to confront it, work on it, and fix it. If an enemy would try to tear into that safe haven, there are two to repair the holes.

There is a total sharing, so much so that two bodies will morph into one. A sentence started by one will be finished by the other. Sorrows will be borne with twice the strength. Joys will be doubled. Thoughts, dreams, and accomplishments will be intimately shared with the one who actually holds your heart in their hands.

The cocoon is a safety net. A haven. A place of peace in a world of torments. It's a comforting arm around you when you have a nightmare. Someone to get you a glass of cold water and aspirins when you are sick. It is someone caring.

Changes will be less noticeable in here since they are going on simultaneously. While I am graying, he is gaining weight. While I gain greater confidence, he is cheering me on. There is no jealousy. Only a deep desire to see the other fulfill all their dreams and potentials.

And when the cocoon is finally split open, it will reveal that the two worms have became one butterfly with two beautiful strong wings. The wings will work together, flying toward heavenly places.

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