Friday, July 22, 2011

How can I lose?

 100 degrees outside today. Humidity the equivalent of the equator. I'm outside walking the track, huffing along, and yes...still trying to lose weight.

When the phone rings I can barely answer because I am breathing so hard. My aunt Shefy thinks I'm having a heart attack. No Shefy, (huff, pant) don't worry.(Gasp!) I always breathe... like... this when I exercise. Worry if (wheeze) I quit breathing, okay?

Shefy goes on to inform me of (yet another) new diet. Apparently college girls (supposedly smart girls) are wrapping their bodies in black trash bags and then going to exercise in this heat. Are you kidding me? They lose 7 to 10 pounds per workout. 

If I wrapped in a black trash bag to work out, it would only be a convenience measure. The EMS could just tuck me in the bag and zip it up after I died in the heat.

Sure, maybe they do lose the weight. But, it's all water weight. The minute I licked the sweat off my upper lip I'd be right back to the starting point.

The truth of the matter is there are no miracle workouts. The only miracle is that I live through the workout.
I have a support buddy. She is dieting and helping me stay encouraged.  I have a sister who goes to the same track. She's the same age I am. She runs the track! That is motivating to me.
And most of all, I have so many women who understand how frustrating it is to try, over and over again, to lose weight. Women I can whine too.
And with that kind of support, how can I lose? Pun intended :)

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Anonymous said...

WHAT! BLACK TRASH BAGS...are they crazy...they have just been lucky they haven't died.Wow, what people think of. Now that is just plain vanity. Get over yourself, eat well and exercise that's all you can do. And you're doing a great job. Good one Sharon.