Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The price of success

 I have to wonder why some people seem to have things so easy. Personally, I have a few Facebook buddies who have been beautiful all of their lives. As far as I know, they never diet. They never count calories. They never exercise. They just naturally look great all the time.
Me--not so much. I count calories. I exercise. I diet and get discouraged every day of my life. I lose four pounds only to gain it right back. *Sigh*

There are others who are just successful naturally. J.K. Rowlings comes to mind. Just a regular Jane housewife. A regular Jane who happened to become an overnight sensation (and millionaire) with her FIRST book ever, Harry Potter.
I'm on my third book and let's just say I haven't become a millionaire yet.

What about Rachel Ray? Never went to cooking school. Just hit the big time with a huge smile and an ability to talk while she fries stuff.
Me...well, remember the fire on my stove that nearly took out my kitchen?

So what about the rest of us? I don't quit dieting because others are skinny. I haven't quit writing just because the dough isn't rolling in. And, I certainly can't quit cooking just because of one (thousand) kitchen accidents.

The rest of us common horde will just have to keep pressing on, counting calories, writing into the wee hours, cooking like we're Chef Gordon (goodness forbid!). But, when we finally reach success, I believe we will out-do the non-tryers with our enjoyment of our success.

Keep pressing guys! We're almost there!


DEE said...

Oh Sharon Dear, You have more personality that cant even compare to these old somebody's. Your'e the real deal girl. You got something to say you say it. And as we get older that even comes easier. They just give you that old look and think your a crazy old COOT. NOT. Hahahaha! Yeah, take a good look...hey and even take a second one. Who Cares! Not Me.

Pat A said...

Ok I got my dose of encouragement, not to mention my whooping for the day; back to the diet and hard work, I am getting older I must hurry, push.... push!!!!