Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Things that go together (and shouldn't)

Things that go together and shouldn't:

1) Your favorite cereal and itsy-bitsy ants.
2) Peanut butter and jelly and not a slice of bread in the house.
3) 50% off sale at Kohls, on a non-pay week.
4) Fat thighs and Carolina heatwaves ( I speak from experience!)
5) Migraine headaches and neighbors lawn-mowing day.
6) Diets and any celebration.
7) Vacation weeks and cut-off notices. (To pay or not to pay?)
8) Spring flowers and allergy season.
9) Newly-mopped floors and muddy dogs.

And my personal favorite:
10) High fiber, high vegetable diets and no toilet paper. :)


Anonymous said...

laugh out loud! :)

Dee said...

I'm feeling the high fiber and no toilet paper...been there done that . In fact I think i'll just mention a conversation just yesterday... with my daughter-in-law. It would be a secret today if not for the yell out for her daughter to rescue her! HaHaHa! So as I say what goes around comes around...and only she knows the answer to that ancient proverb. HAHAHAHA! Got cha.

#10 LOL :) said...

Hey the only time in my life that I'll ever be a #10, LOL. Good one Dear Sharon.But I'm trying never to get stranded these days.