Friday, December 23, 2011

Carolynn Claus and the Zumba sleigh

Twas the week after Christmas with no Zumba in sight
My scales trembled in fear. My weight was a fright!
The dresses were tossed on the floor in a heap
Cookies and cake balls-- added weight made me weep.

Zumba buddies nestled all snug in their beds
While visions of ripped seams filled them with dread.
Mom in her Spandex and I in my Spanx
Polished off the cookies and forgot to give thanks.

When out on Facebook there arose such a chatter!
Our fearless Zumba leader was getting hold of this matter
With Ipod and speakers she blasted the sound
"I'm Sexy and I know it". It was time to get down!

Quick as a wink we were sweating and lunging
Flab rolls a jigglin' and knee joints a crunchin'
More rapid than gunfire the instructions they came
Lower girls! Tighten those abs! She called us by name.

On Shelley, on Pat, on Amber and Sharon
On Cynthia, on Bekah! The music kept blarin'
From the tops of our heads to the tips of our fingers
Everything ached and yet we still lingered

Finally it was cool-down' she said a nod.
Maybe we wouldn't all die- thank God!
And I heard her exclaim as we exhaled together
"Lay off the cake girls! Almost bikini weather!"


pat said...

amen! Carolyn are you listening?

dee said...

HO HO that's a good one Sharon!