Friday, July 24, 2009

The Queen of Heaven is baking today.

Buttery aroma floats from the oven and coffee is perking. On the computer, the Word is coming forth, enhancing the life of the seed within me...what a way to start the morning!

Outside, the sun shines and promises a hot day. My to-do list mentally clicks away while I sing and lift my hands in worship as the Word squeezes the joy from my heart to my eyes, dropping down my cheeks. Never been a shouter, I just sob.

And I think to myself, "Mary, thou are highly favored among women." Only, I put my name in there: "Sharon, thou are highly favored among women." Oh- I know it Lord! The very bride of Christ, me, a nobody, but yet the queen of heaven.

Cake is done baking, coffee is milked up and ready. With a heart overflowing, I head out into what today holds, knowing, like Joshua of old, who the captain of the host is, and that He is for me.

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