Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Dead Sleep Invitation.

So, I'm laying there dreaming something about a shooting (maybe I watched CSI before bed) and, just out of the blue, my eyes flip open. What is going on?

I listen. The house is quiet, everyone still sleeping. The dogs aren't barking, so nothing outside disturbed me. Then, the haze starts to clear and I feel an urgent need to talk with the Lord.

I have learned that when this happens, I need to follow through. Maybe one of my children is in trouble. Maybe a friend is in desperation. Whatever it is, I ask the Lord to take care of the situation as he alone knows what is best.

Reading my Bible, I find a verse talking about how things that come upon us were planned beforehand. Such comfort. God knows how and why and when something will happen. He knows how I will react. He loves me so much that He goes through it with me.

After calling out my children, my family and friends, and those that come to my heart, I get off my knees. Peace. Just peace. I wasn't afraid or upset, even when I first woke up. But now, the aftermath is just peace.

Thank you, Lord, for peace.

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