Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Chocolate Strawberry Secrets

It is a horrible thing to find you have an ability to commit dieter's sin. Not only that, but you do it so well.

Such is the place I have found myself. To my delight, I can make yummy chocolate dipped strawberries. (Who would have thought, right?)

But to my dismay, I can't have these on a low-carb diet. *Sigh*

Trudging through the kitchen in the middle of the night, I find they call to me, luring me with a dark chocolately shell and a sweet, juicy center. Maybe just one. I look down the hallway. All clear. Towards the bedroom. Nothing moving there. The coast is clear.

As my mouth settles for that first delightful bite, I hear the faint 'click' of a miniature camera. My thighs look up at me, disdain showing on their dimpled face. Caught in the very act!

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