Saturday, August 8, 2009

He doesn't want to go camping. Sleeping on the ground hurts his back.
The beach is boring. Too much sand. "I like my own bed."

But today, lo and behold- my husband is going camping...with the guys!

To understand my frustration, we must first take into consideration a few facts:
1) I have begged him to go camping.
2) I have begged him to go to the beach.
3) Please, let's just go somewhere--anywhere!

The list for his excuses was as deep as the Miriana trench.
1) I have a bad back.
2) It's more fun if we go with a group.
3) I'm working and can't take off right now.
4) I can't sleep on an air mattress (hotel mattress, bed and breakfast mattress...)
5) I don't want to drive that far.
6) I don't want to fly.
7) We don't have the money.

For some reason though, he can't understand why I am a bit upset that all of a sudden he is ready to go...with other people. His friends. Not me.

Apparently, a brother from our church needs a new metal roof on 'the old homeplace' which is located in the mountains about an hour and a half from our door.

The guys are going to pitch tents in the 'homeplace' yard, near the creek, and just stay for two days to get the job done instead of driving back and forth. That would be all fine and good except for a few little things:

1) The man in charge can't hardly sit in a chair due to back and neck problems, much less sleep in a tent.
2) The one who suggested they all camp is an avid outdoors man.
3) They are all friends, not co-workers, so this will be a big adventure with the guys.
4) The roofer of the group aint even sure he is going to make it.
5) My husband hates hieghts.
6) The drive is a little over an hour from place to place.My husband has driven two and three hours to get back from jobs before.

But the main gripe I have is that he is going to the very place, the very community, where I asked him to go camping with me...JUST LAST WEEK!

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