Sunday, August 9, 2009

Here I sit.

I want to be outside walking. Instead, here I am, letting my mind stroll over the thoughts to put down. It's NC in the summertime. Hot. Hotter than hot. Just the way we like it.

Besides that, there is not one single safe place to walk around here. If I go outside, every dog in the neighborhood starts barking. People pull back curtains, or step onto the porch to see whats what. If the dog isn't barking me, then he's probably chasin' me. I don't shimmy up trees as quick as I used too.

Other than the dogs, it would be okay to walk- except for the cars. Crazy driving! People zoom down the side roads like the speed limit was 100. With the curves, you are on a suicide mission to walk this road. We lost a precious pet to that road and another got hit and had to have major surgery (at major expense). I can't afford surgery so I stay off the road. The main road leading to ours is even worse.

So, here I sit. In front of the computer. Dodging heat, dogs, and cars. Wishing, wanting...needing to be outside. To feel sunshine seeping into my pores. To breathe deep. To listen to the birds talking to each other. To pray.

But here I sit.

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